Today websites are the cornerstone of many businesses, especially for B2B organizations where a first impression often marks the beginning of the sales cycle. Our website projects typically start with creating a navigational wireframe structure that incorporates new content areas and enables s us to take advantage of frequently searched terms. We then create a design that updates your current visual assets in order to improve the user experience and overall impression of the site. Many times, clients ask us to refresh their brand as part of our website development.

Content is the lifeblood of your website, as well as the basis for SEO. Today’s engines look for and prioritize those sites with ongoing content of all types: landing pages, video, press releases distributed via a newswire service, and published articles. Markitects will typically craft all of the content for your existing landing pages and optimize for SEO, as well as recommend new vehicles to communicate and educate relevant information.

When it comes to programming, Markitects has a variety of technologies from which to choose. We prefer a secure platform that includes automatic updates, security, and responsive design, as well as an intuitive content management system.