All successful marketing endeavors start with Markitecture™, our proprietary, strategic marketing and branding process, developed in 1994 and validated by over 250 companies and organizations worldwide—many of these in the technology, science, and engineering sectors. At Markitects, we use this proven methodology as the springboard for nearly every strategic marketing effort.

Markitecture can be used to: uncover issues that are troubling the executive team; understand a new market or audience segment; test or support a new product launch; and create a viable go-to-market plan.

Throughout the Markitecture process, we gain consensus regarding pertinent sales issues and opportunities for growth, then test and verify our findings by interviewing constituents of influence, including selected employees, customers, prospects, analysts and partners. What we learn through one-on-one interviews often reveals the most critical pieces to resolving the marketing and sales issues at hand.

Markitecture enables us to put the right words around your value proposition, create a hierarchy of content to appeal to each constituency segment, evaluate competitors, and reverse engineer other companies’ path to success, where needed.