When growth plans or competitive pressures require you to expand into new geographies, reach untapped market segments, or add to your product portfolio, it’s time to do launch. Launch is unique in that it requires all of the skills, talents, and industry knowledge of starting a new endeavor, yet it resides within an existing company. It can also be challenging for a company that is accustomed to brand recognition in a particular market. What is this new thing and how does it fit?

With decades of experience and hundreds of product launches in our resume, you can count on the professionals at Markitects for sound advice and a viable action plan. We have the strategic mindset to help you work through brand, voice of customer, marketing plan, and sales approach—without taking away from your history of success and by maximizing your in-house talents.

Deliverables may include: prospect list development, ideal client case studies, solutions guides, sales process guides, and collaterals, as well as targeted industry associations, analysts, and influencers.