No one can write content for you company, except you, right? No, very much wrong. While the best content comes from industry knowledge and through customer understanding, unless it is communicated in a relevant and fun manner, it is often ignored.

Step one is getting someone’s attention, even if that someone is the most technical programmer or engineer on the planet. The idea of developing clever content is to appeal to someone’s intelligence and win that person over with an appropriate amount of knowledge in order to gain interest. Then, and only then should you have your tech team present the in depth explanation. More and more research indicates that even today’s digital workforce makes decisions based on comfort and trust, gained over time.

The best way to communicate that is through thought leadership—consisting of articles and blogs that demonstrate your knowledge in a human and relatable way. We at Markitects have been developing technical, commercial, industrial, and engineering content for decades; so do not hesitate to use us as your starting point.