Contract Pharmacy Services

Since 1976, Contract Pharmacy Services has evolved from a local pharmacy chain to a highly specialized pharmacy providing services to correctional facilities, long-term care facilities, and behavioral health organizations. When it was time to refresh their brand and extend their markets, CPS contacted Markitects.

When working with a new client to develop their marketing strategy, we always seek exceptional qualities that make a company stand out. We call these “compelling reasons to buy”, which are both the tangible and emotional reasons a prospect selects that company. In the case of CPS, those include: Commitment to Partnership, Impressive Support, Accuracy and Quality, Attention to Detail, and Exemplary Service.


  • Brand Development and Logo
  • Full Website
  • Ongoing Trade Show Support
  • Newsletter Program
  • Analytics and Metrics


  • The new brand has been very well received internally and externally. We are averaging an impressive 18-34% open rate on our communication pieces and the SEO rankings are page one.

Pharmacy Service

Institutional Facilities

Warrington, PA