If you can’t get out of your office or are unable to gain objective feedback from your customers, we can do that for you. In fact, we like it. Markitects very often conducts one-on-one interview with prospects, clients, and former clients. We’re not only able to take the pulse of the business, but also create a voice of customer for each market segment. We have decades of experience doing this and have perfected our interview techniques. These are not customer satisfaction calls, but rather tightly facilitated discussions regarding their views of your company and how they make product and service selections overall.

There are many additional benefits of having a third party, like Markitects, conduct the interviews. First of all, clients are more likely to open up to someone they do not work with on a daily basis or who does not depend on commissions. They also take it as a compliment (and they should), that they have been specifically selected to contribute to the future of your company. And finally, we are usually able to gain agreement to a testimonial or case study for future use.