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Systech’s Stephen Lisa Writes About Total Cost of Ownership

When implementing serialization, drug manufacturers and contract packagers need to be mindful of the complete costs. Serialization should be viewed as an enterprise solution, rather than a series of isolated local plant or packing line decisions. The initial costs include the direct costs of software, hardware, systems integrations and validation. Often underestimated, however, are the impact that serialization has on an existing IT infrastructure and the integration costs required to ensure the integrity and security of data as it flows through the enterprise. View Systech’s Top 5 Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) considerations to help companies quantify, understand, and control the full costs of serialization.

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Horst Features Senior Living Spaces for Presby’s Inspired Life

April 18, 2017

Are the common areas at your facility ready for a facelift? By working with Horst Construction, you can achieve the upgraded look that your residents and their families desire in a relatively short period of time and at a reasonable cost. If you have an auditorium, employee lounge, activity space, or any other common areas in need of renovations—look no further than Horst Construction’s Special Services Division.

Presby’s Inspired Life has developed a close partnership with Horst Construction that goes back over ten years. One of the exceptional environments renovated was the Rydal Park 4,000 square foot auditorium.

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Systech Serialization, Traceability and Authentication Solutions Featured at LogiPharma

Systech International, a global technology leader in brand protection solutions, is proud to feature the company’s full array of technology solutions at LogiPharma, the largest global event for supply chain leaders from top pharmaceutical companies. Systech will feature its serialization, traceability, and authentication solutions at Booth #1 from April 25-27, 2017 at the Montreux Music and Convention Center in Switzerland.

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Horst’s Top Ten Ways to Create Successful Partnerships with Architects and Engineers

April 4, 2017

  1. Mutual Trust. Horst works hard to develop mutual trust in the relationships we have with Architects and Engineers. We are transparent and open, and continually working to earn the trust of our partners.
  2. Quality Solutions. Horst understands that value engineering should not always mean “deleting”; it often means exploring other quality and creative solutions. We bring a vast array of experience to every project and explore different materials, construction methods, and systems with open minds to create the best project possible.
  3. Budgets. We have a staff of experienced estimators and the latest technology for estimating. This greatly helps ensure the holistic, as well as the itemized, budget is accurate from the initial budget through preconstruction.

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Systech Anti-Counterfeiting Technology Solution Protects Brand Integrity and Consumers

Systech International, a global technology leader in brand protection solutions, today announced its Spring 2017 Update to UniSecure™. Systech UniSecure is the only proven, non-additive product authentication solution that creates a unique identifier from an existing barcode or QR code. This electronic ‘fingerprint’ cannot be copied or duplicated—no matter how clever the counterfeiter. Furthermore, the solution requires no changes to existing packaging, offers fast implementation, and allows real-time authentication via any smartphone.

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Horst Has What it Takes for Convenience Store Remodeling

March 28, 2017

Travis Martin knows what it takes to keep Turkey Hill happy. He has been working as the Horst Construction designated project manager for the Turkey Hill convenience store chain for the past four years, helping with dozens and dozens of store remodels.turkey-hill-exterior5

“Horst really invests in the management of the project. We know that we need to be especially attentive to details, great with scheduling, and coordinate every small thing to keep Turkey Hill projects moving along smoothly. We understand their business needs and strive to keep our focus on the client’s satisfaction.”

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Systech Update on Brazil’s Pharma Serialization Regulation

Friday March 17, 2017 was the last day stakeholders and the public could submit comments on Brazil’s draft regulation on pharmaceutical serialization and tracing. All comments collected will now be considered by ANVISA, the government’s healthcare regulator, as they draw up their final draft for approval by April 29, 2017. Once approved, that regulation will be used as trial guidelines for the operation of a 3-lot government-run pilot by selected participants. The pilot will run for one year, after which, ANVISA will have eight months to refine the regulations based on observations and data collected during the pilot. ANVISA will then publish a final regulation near the end of 2018 which will define the requirements for industry to follow, beginning near the end of 2021.

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Systech Offers Solutions for FMD and EUDR Requirements

Drug manufacturers who market drugs in Europe will need to begin applying unique identifiers and an anti-tampering device to their packaging by February 9, 2019. Most companies are already aware of these well-publicized requirements of the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) and the E.U. Delegated Regulation (EUDR). Systech offers packaging line management and serialization solutions that will allow you to easily meet these requirements.

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Horst Features SGS in Partner Spotlight

March 21, 2017

Bruce E. Garner, Managing Principal, SGS Architects Engineers, Inc. originally came to know the executive team at Horst while building and remodeling the 53 branch offices that comprised the former Commonwealth National Bank. Almost 40 years later, he considers Horst to be a steadfast, recognized leader and trusted partner in doing things the right way, as well as an advocate of the Design-Build method of construction.

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Systech Supports The Global Serialization Marathon

March 17, 2017

By Avi Chaudhuri, PhD, Senior Global Partner

We are currently in the middle of a regulatory marathon—one created to meet the country-by-country guidelines for drug packaging throughout Europe, USA, and several other countries. At Systech, we care about this because the technology platform of choice to accomplish regulatory compliance has been our primary focus for more than twenty years. Systech has been the global leader in serialization-based product traceability ever since the US FDA proclaimed mass serialization as the antidote for counterfeit drugs back in 2004.

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